Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Musée d' Orsay et Futball

(Musée d'Orsay, I mean that is its name, and football) 

We have been hanging out in the apartment quite a bit due to the weather and decided by Tuesday we needed to get out and since it was still kind of crappy it seemed like a good time to hit up a museum.  I mean everyone else had this idea as well so you can imagine the line we stood in.  

Don't be confused by the blue skies in the background I forgot to take a picture from the outside so I borrowed this from the internet.  The Musé de Orsay besides being a wonderful museum of impressionist and post-impressionist art is a beautiful building.

This photograph I took does not do it justice at all, it use to the be a train station and has persevered a lot of those elements in the decore, giant clocks on either end, and the tall arching entrances to the wings that use to lead to tracks.  They have a wide collection of Degas and George Seurats.  We left the Monets and Van Goghs for our next trip.  I sadly do not have any pictures of what we saw there as they had a strick no photo policy. I of course did not realizes this until after the above picture. Daniel and I went here on our honeymoon and I swear I took pictures last time so I am wondering if it is a new policy.

Since there are no photos I sketched this for you.  I mean I always have my sketch book with me and is how I tend to kill 10 minutes. I was sitting behind the statue so a lovely turban head.

I was disappointed about the photos, there is such wonderful works in here including this statue that I had a fascinating view from the third floor balcony, so another sketch.  I did a very quick sketch which is ok...

I found this picture on their website, the lady in the center is on the right in my sketch. 

We spent about three hours and saw a third to half of the museum before it closed for the night.  We plan on going back soon, there is a special Degas exhibit this summer.  They had an Art Nouveau furniture exhibit last time (5 years ago) and I would love to see that again.  I am really a sucker for architecture and furniture from that movement.

The weather was playing nice for a couple hours the day before we we went out for a café. I mean I had a café Daniel had a beer. Stella Artois seems to be the Bud Lite of Paris, cheap and available everywhere.  You will notice my sketch pad it is what I like to do while we café.

While we were finishing up our drinks the France/ England Euro Cup (Futball) game came on and how could we miss that.  The cafe has several big screen televisions and the tables filled up quickly.  The waiters had a blue, white, and red crayon they had streaked their checks and were kind enough to offer it to table from Englad to draw a flags on their cheeks.  We ordered another beer and hung out until half time, we cheered when the French scored, sighed when the English scored. I found it quite the cultural experience. 

 Continuing to order my own cafés and have finally started looking waiters and sales people in the eye. I even bought our ticket at Orsay. I am currently riding this streak and fearing when to comes to a crashing fault.  I even Rosetta Stoned yesterday morning, first time since we got here, I think I should keep it up though.

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